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The more things change, they more they stay the same, right?

I have a new nephew. He's pretty awesome. We get along just fine. There have been times when he's inconsolable and I can calm him down. Which always feels good.

I really want to a snake. If I were ever going to have a pet, that would be it. Although I got to hang out with a baby pot-bellied pig a bit last night and she was adorable. I mean, maybe someday if we end up living on a little hobby farm, we could have a pig or two.

The greenhouse is working out pretty well. All scavenged materials, other than a couple of things we had to buy, like wood screws. The screws holding that thing together are the most expensive part of it. Which, you know, if you're going to spend money somewhere, that's not a bad place to spend it.

We have a decent amount of kale. Our bean plant is growing up and up but isn't really producing much. The cucumbers are unhappy and the beets are starting to grow out of the soil, I don't know why. I've got my Thai basil sorted, I think, although due to my inexperience growing it, it may end up being permanently stunted. I can move it inside through the winter, at least.

My first oregano plant is growing like a week, which is excellent. I rescued a few end-of-the-season plants from Superstore but they're in rough shape and I don't know if they'll recover.

We've got some tomatoes. I think we'll probably have ripe ones within the next few weeks. It's nice to be growing things. I think it's been really good for me.

Holiday to the cabin was not too bad, but we had a lot of rain. We got out golfing twice, and during our second round, I didn't have a pull-cart and my strap was missing, and a couple guys took pity on me and offered a power cart. That's the thing about small-town Saskatchewan, I suppose: some random guy will offer his power cart to make your golf game a little easier, and doesn't even ask your name.

Got to hang out with my niece a bit, but she was a mild terror, just because there were no other kids there, AND she was stuck inside because of the weather. I did have a relaxing time, at least. I like weeklong holidays that involve very little of anything.

There's a Diagon Alley day in Kensington over the long weekend, and I'm pretty sure we're going to go. I really want to get back to WWoHP. My cousin-in-law thinks I should check out the one in California, but I don't see the point, other than just to see it. I'd rather go to Florida. Always Florida. That won't happen in the near future, though. And that's ok.

I was pushing for a family vacation down to Mexico with the in-laws but the reception was lukewarm. I think they could really enjoy it, but they're all about the go-go-go. It's just how they like to vacation. I'd rather spend a whole day doing nothing at all, but that's how we grew up. Holidays to the cabin were easy and breezy and you didn't have to do a whole lot if you didn't want to. I miss those types of vacations sometimes, you know?

The new job is going well. Or the new responsibilities, I suppose. The training I've been getting is good, and I'd actually like to introduce it to the rest of my team. The HR lady was very excited about that, and said she'll help me any way she can. She'll even take me to see my employees that work in another city, if I want. It could be good. I'm finding that learning for my job is a lot more fun and rewarding than learning to get a diploma. Yes, the diploma is useful and I'm glad I went through it (and finally received it, after much back and forth with the school), but the feeling is different.

I'm taking a break from yoga. I went consistently for seven months, and I'm proud of that. One of my favourite teachers has left the studio, I just found out. I wish I'd gone to one of her last classes. Although she does private classes in her home studio, and that could certainly be interesting. The circumstances of her departure seem...muddy. It sucks.

I understand it's because of my age, but the issue of having kids keeps coming up. And the assumption that it'll be happening. And it's weird to straight-out tell people in the extended family and friend group that we're not having kids. We learned early on that it just encourages people to tell us that not having kids is a huge mistake, and we'll regret it, and we'd make great parents, etc. I mean, adoption is still an option that we could consider. We have friends who have just started the process, actually. They want a baby, so they're looking at years of waiting. I have no desire for a baby. I figure if we adopt, we'll know when we find the right kid. I get to hang out with babies enough, I don't need one of my own.

And so many people don't understand that! I suppose it's because most of the people we know have kids, so they can't imagine their lives without their kids and they love babies and all that. I love babies, but I don't need one of my own. But try explaining that to people...

We still haven't really told HIS parents yet. My parents have known for a long time that I probably wouldn't have kids, so there's no shock there. But I don't think that my MIL will understand. And I think she's going to be super upset, and probably "blame" me. I love her, and she loves me, but I think she believes that kids are a necessity. We wouldn't be the only ones without kids in the extended family; he's got lots of cousins who are childless by choice. But the conversations that I've heard about all that...let's just say that's not the type of conversation I want MY name brought into. There's some judgement.

And it's easier for me because my parents have all kinds of grandkids, and there will be more, I'm sure. His parents have...years to wait. It'll be the youngest that will probably have kids. I don't know if my other BIL will have kids, to be honest. He strikes me as a perpetual bachelor type. But who knows? Maybe that'll change. It happens. People start families later these days.

I'm still freaking out about the testing happening in November. I can't believe I have to wait that long. Sometimes I forget about it for a few days, maybe even a week, and it's nice not to have to think about it all the time. My anxiety has definitely gotten better since the news; I think just because I've had time to process it a little more. I'm still considering full-time medication for the depression (and anxiety), but I'm waiting on it, for now. If one of us can get adjusted on medication, that'll be enough. Plus, I don't think that's something we should both be doing. Because he's tried out a few antidepressants and we're still trying to figure out what's going to work. Maybe once he's got things sorted, I can try the same thing. I don't know.

It's not the most fun stuff to think about.

I'm consistently feeling better, I think, but the bad days are getting a lot worse than they used to be. Days where I can barely get out of bed at all. On weekdays I can do it because I've gotta pay the bills and I can't miss work, but the weekends have been tough. You wouldn't think that's how it would be, right? But it's easier to make excuses to go nowhere and do nothing.

We're seeing the new Star Trek tonight, so that's something to get me out and about. I'm looking forward to it.

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Heh, yeah, I've been thinking of collecting my movie reimagining ideas and posting them somewhere.

I realize I miss chatting with you. Do you have any current contact that works best (if that's something you'd be interested in)? I'm just worried about the day they finally turn off the lights at LiveJournal..

I've got email hindmost_ AT hotmail DOT com or Facebook (last name spelled "McEwen") or texting 587 700 66 18.

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