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Which is funny
Life changes but it stays the same.

Trying to organize things better. Every little bit seems to help. I don't think the shed/greenhouse will be finished before the fall but I DID find a huge wooden shed for free, so if I can figure out how to make it work, we could have some storage for the winter. Not that I don't like the guest room also being where I keep my bike, but it wouldn't hurt to have it outside.

We got rid of some huge furniture that I've never really liked, so that was also awesome. I keep wanting to just get rid of's to the point that I'm even starting to look at some of my crafting supplies and wondering if there are things I could sell. Or donate to teacher friends. Or schools, if the teacher friends don't need them.

My sister is having another baby, so that's super exciting. Taking the pressure off me yet again.

The city is full of smoke. It's weird.

I woke up feeling terrible but I had to come to work. The things that needed to be done are done and I'm considering taking a half day. I always know it's bad (and not just my usual stress-reaction) when my vision starts going funny (for lack of a better term). Things sort of swim a bit and it's tough to focus, and...there's an odd sensation. It's steadily been getting worse.

I've been sleeping lately, which is bizarre for me. Although since it seems like I've come down with something nasty, that's probably most of it. My body does TRY to fight things off, it just doesn't tend to do a very good job.


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