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Kind of but not really
I sort of got a promotion at work. One of those situations where you've got extra responsibility without a change of title or salary. Haha. Professionally, it's still a very good opportunity for me. I'll have direct reports, which is really bizarre. I'm actually not entirely sure what that's going to mean, going forward. It should be interesting.

I managed to get some more organization done last weekend. I was home alone for four days and apparently I get a bit cagey when left to my own devices for that length of time. I pulled boxes out from under the stairs and reorganized, I moved the many computers and monitors out of the way (because apparently there's still some use for them, but he won't tell me what that use might be). I started to repack things, and get rid of things that we really don't need to hang onto. I'm working on a bit of a crafty project to get rid of some bags of wrapping papers from the wedding.

I also worked outside for awhile, trying to get the backyard ready for the raspberry bushes we're planting. Well, they're really just stalks right now. But eventually they'll be bushes. I transplanted my three oregano plants and they're doing much better with more space (I'm still shocked that they remain alive).

All in all, just trying to figure out what the next couple months will look like. No major developments. Rob had an interview today and he's got another possible job prospect that he'll look into a little more. There's the possibility he could do both but it would be pretty hectic if he did.

We might be able to get the whole family out to the cabin at the same time for a few days in July, which would be pretty amazing. My younger brother hasn't been out at all in years, and he's never brought his girlfriend. So we're keeping our fingers crossed. I'm still not sure what time I'll take off. Hopefully I can take a full week. We'll see how it goes. With a few different people going out, maybe I can make something work.


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