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So apparently I've gotten worse
Rob looked at me a couple days ago and just said "I think you should consider going back to yoga."

It's been a tough couple weeks, and I'd just finished complaining a bit more about work. And the thing's just work, at this point. That's the only think that really irks me. Gets under my skin. The rest of my life is going pretty well. I'm growing some oregano and all three of my plants (Italian, Greek, and Golden) seem to be doing well after their transplants.

We organized our bedroom and switched things up in the closets and donated a huge pile of clothes.

Maybe it's just a matter of getting back into "normal life" after going to Orlando and riding the new Harry Potter ride and hitting every single Disney park and going to Universal Studios for the first time (last time we just did Islands of Adventure). I had hot butterbeer for the first time and rode the Hogwarts Express twice.

And then we come back and it keeps snowing and raining and work is's not good. I don't know what's wrong, exactly, but clearly something is wrong. I shouldn't feel like this all the time. I have to spend 8 hours a day here, so I just have to figure out how to make it better.

We're moving, actually. Just to a different floor. I'm losing my personal workspace to move into a cube with two other people. I'm sure it will be ok. Imagine I'll need to make a few changes to the way I do things. I'm probably a pretty annoying deskmate.


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