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I'm excited about a lot of things!
Leaving for Orlando in less than 2 days. I can't wait. Work has been...taxing. We're implementing a new accounting system and things haven't been going well. I actually won't be here when they give the go/no-go so I'm interested to see what happens. I've been catching up on quite a lot of work, which has been nice.

I finally got most of my hair chopped off. Got it in a bit of a faux hawk today and I like it. A lot. I probably could have gone a bit shorter, but it's going to be awesome for the holiday. No fuss. It's supposed to be 28-30 degrees while we're there so I'll probably be wearing a hat most of the time, anyway. I can't wait to go, though. We were checking out the ride wait times yesterday and there were awesome rides that had 10 minute wait times.

I'm just ready to get away for a little while. I have a LOT still to get done. But it's going to be awesome and I am so looking forward to it.

We hosted my whole family for dinner and a fire last weekend and it went pretty well. It was a good excuse to clean off the deck, get the BBQ ready, and clean up the backyard. And clean out the fire pit, since it was pretty gross. We have a pretty nice backyard! The kids found every hole and divot, of course. I'm pretty sure a tree was pulled out at one point, which would explain the larger hole. We're going to pull out the other tree, too (it's not a nice tree) and put in some raspberry bushes. My Mom already has shoots coming off her bushes that she's going to cut off, so she said she can give them to us if we want to get them started. Yay! I've always wanted berry bushes in my backyard.

I used to bike around our old neighbourhood and in the alleys, there would always be a few raspberry bushes that would manage to make their way through a fence and into the alley. One house even had a bush that was outside their fence, just in the alley, and we would go and pick them while we rode our bikes. It was awesome. I want to be that person who has raspberries peeking through the back fence, so that when kids ride by, they can grab a few.

I missed voter registration so now I have to register at the poll. Luckily, the voting station is across the street from my house, so I should be able to watch and see how busy it is before heading over. And then I need to get my license updated with the new address. I keep putting it off, I don't know why.


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