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I'm doing well.
I'm actually doing well. It's rare that it happens. It might have something to do with the fact that I have the next five days off work, and that I'm going on a ladies' trip with my Mom and sister and sister-in-law. It definitely has something to do with the yoga I've been doing. I've been feeling really good about that. In my first two weeks back, I did seven classes. I did 14 classes a month from January-March of 2014. That's the only time I've really been very consistent about going to classes. I forgot I was doing that well, actually. But that's good, because it means I've done it before. And I can do it again. I should actually be able to do even better than that.

It makes me feel better. I'm sleeping a bit better, my thoughts are a little healthier. And I'm feeling a bit kinder towards myself.


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