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Does that mean I' adult?
These are uncertain times.

That's part of the reason I've gone back to yoga. It's good for me, and it helps me relax. Also, I've been working hard on spending time with awesome people. We had my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner last night, and tomorrow we're having a friend over who I haven't seen in months. I just realized I was really getting sad we hadn't seen each other, so I gave some dates and said we should get together and BAM we're getting together.

So that's really nice.

I've done 111 yoga classes. I don't know why I decided to check that today. I started last Monday and I've been to 5 classes since then. Which is not anything to brag about, I don't suppose. But I'm going to aim for a minimum of 3 classes/week. And I'd like to do at least 100 classes on my 6-month pass. I'm going to try to do a lot more than that. I might give myself a 30-day challenge, I'm not sure. I could do it in November. Or maybe the 26th of this month to the 26th of next month. 30 classes in 30 days. And I could double-up 4 days in the event of missed classes or scheduling conflicts. I feel like I'd be insufferable after 30 classes in 30 days because I'd be feeling so good.

It would be a nice way to prepare for the trip to the States. And it would be good for me. Just...overall. I should probably try the 21-Day Fix again, too. Not at the same time as the 30-day challenge; I feel like that would be just a bit much. Who knows, maybe I'll be the kind of person who gets a good night's sleep and can get up and exercise before work. It could happen.

The whole supervisor thing has been really strange. I actually had a chance to take part in some training last week for interview skills. I also have the opportunity to apply for a leadership program that runs through next year, that would 2 full days, 4 times through the year. I'd really like to participate in that. It's a huge opportunity and it's the kind of program that could really help my career.

Which has become a really weird thought process for me, just, you know, by the way. This was always a "job" and at some point it became a "career" and I don't know when that happened.


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